pediatric dentistry framingham massachusettsWe pride ourselves on being an extremely family friendly dental practice, and specialize on working with children of all ages. We recommend seeing your child between 18 and 24 months, sooner if there is family history of dental problems or you suspect a developing problem.

This first visit should be positive and enjoyable. Your child should be informed of the visit but the less said the better. The dentist will use many words to convey her message to the child without using frightening words like “needle”, “pull”, or “drill”. Usually by the age of three the child can sit by themselves without parental supervision.

Annual Checkups & Cleaning

Your child should be seen every 6 months for a routine dental exam and tooth cleaning. If your child has braces, we recommend scheduling this exam every 4 months.


We use Flouride Varnish for every cleaning on every child unless specifically directed otherwise by the Child’s parent. We occasionally recommend using a fluoride rinse for certain patients depending on their specific needs.


For children, we place sealants on all permanent molars to prevent the formation of cavities.

Tooth Colored Fillings

We use tooth colored fillings on all children. In the event of an accident or broken tooth, we are very good at putting aesthetic bonding to repair the tooth, and utilizing tooth colored fillings to match the Child’s existing teeth to ensure a seamless repair.

Closing Of Spaces Between Teeth

If your child has unwanted or unaesthetic gaps between their teeth, we offer several different methods of closing these spaces. We will work with your Child to find the least invasive method of fixing any gaps.

Fitted Custom Athletic Guards

If your child has the need for a protective mouth guard, we can customize a sports guard specifically for them to prevent mouth trauma and expensive damage.