Oral DNA testing in SudburyWith more and more research pointing to the connection between oral health and overall health, dentists play a more important role in your wellbeing than ever before. It is a role that Dr. Mia Fitzgerald takes very seriously as she continuously upgrades her methods and the technology she uses to provide patients with the best care possible at her Sudbury dental practice.

Dr. Fitzgerald is pleased to be one of the few dentists in the area to perform oral DNA testing, which involves analyzing a patient’s saliva sample to screen for many potentially harmful viruses and bacteria present in the mouth. Studies have found that many serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke, are linked to bacteria living in the mouth. With oral DNA testing, Dr. Fitzgerald is able to diagnose and treat many oral health problems, including gum disease, at their earlier and more treatable stage, as well as determine your risk of other serious health issues. Oral DNA testing also allows Dr. Fitzgerald to customize treatment based on an individual’s health history.

What Are the Benefits of Oral DNA Testing?

Oral DNA allows us to identify oral health issues that may be present but hard to identify with a visual oral exam. It detects not only the type of bacteria present in the mouth, but also its exact amount. This information allows us to predict how susceptible a patient may be to certain kinds of periodontal disease and tooth decay. It also allows us to treat the mouth before certain types of bacteria are able to cause serious and possibly irreversible damage.

Oral DNA testing is particularly helpful in diagnosing and treating gum disease. The bacteria responsible for gum disease has been found to be linked to a number of systemic diseases. Oral DNA testing makes early diagnosis of gum disease much easier as early stages often begin asymptomatic. The earlier gum disease is treated, the easier it is to treat and the less likely it is that bacteria will spread to the rest of the body.

Anyone can benefit from oral DNA testing, especially individuals with a family history of gum disease or who have certain systemic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Procedure Details

DNA & oral healthOral DNA testing is simple and easy. The mouth is rinsed with a gentle and sterile oral solution for approximately 30 seconds. The rinse is spit out and sent to OralDNA® Labs (the manufacturer of the oral DNA tests) for analysis. The lab report will be sent back to Dr. Fitzgerald in approximately seven to 10 days. The report will identify the bacteria found in the mouth and the quantities in which they are found. Using this information, Dr. Fitzgerald can determine oral health issues present, as well as your risk of developing certain oral health and systemic conditions. This information will allow Dr. Fitzgerald to develop a more precise and effective treatment plan that is designed specifically for your mouth and your overall wellbeing. This may include systemic antibiotics that will treat the specific bacteria in your mouth.

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