periodontal care framingham massachusettsAfter a comprehensive periodontal evaluation, including radio graphs and periodontal charting, we will assess the patients needs. We provide non-surgical periodontal therapy as a first step in treating periodontal disease. This can include quadrant scaling and root planing, locally administered antimicrobials, prescription antibiotics, application of a desensitizing agent, re-evaluation and determination of maintenance treatment and/or referral to a Periodontist.

Our treatment goals are to stop the disease from progressing and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning by a registered Dental Hygienist includes the removal of calculus(tartar) and plaque followed by teeth polishing to remove stain and residual plaque. An oral cancer screening is performed at every cleaning to identify precancerous abnormalities. Oral hygiene instruction, information and samples of dental products are tailored to your specific needs. Fluoride treatment can benefit people of all ages by strengthening the teeth through remineralization. Additionally periodontal probing is charted to gather information about the health of periodontal tissue.

Dental X-Rays

A diagnostic tool that provides information not visible to the eye during examination.

Deep Scaling & Root Planning

A deep cleaning that disrupts plaque and calculus below the gum line, performed with anesthesia so the procedure is pain free.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

An antibiotic that is placed in infected periodontal pockets, which kills bacteria and fights periodontal infection.